Top private tutors in Singapore as voted by parents

Does your child need tutoring in Math, Science or English? Here are the top five tutoring agencies in Singapore, as voted by parents.

Ann Tutor

With 15 years of tutoring tucked under her belt, it’s not hard to see why many parents choose to hire Ann Tutor for their children. Understanding that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” method for tutoring, Ann has come up with the Ultimate 360 Program.

This program allows Ann to teach your child in accordance to their learning style so that it’d be easier for them to learn, understand and retain information, all while having fun!

With the customized program for your child in place, you can be assured that lessons are carried out in an encouraging and caring manner as to inspire your child to look at even the most difficult of subjects as a welcomed challenge versus something to be frustrated with.

Ann will also make sure that your child understands one concept before moving on to another, and will make it a point to regularly review past lessons to make sure that your child truly understood and retained what was taught.

Under Ann’s tutelage, you will be able to see a drastic improvement in your child’s attitude, confidence and academic performance.

“Teacher Ann is a very committed and responsible tutor who devises and customises her own program to help my child understand the concepts. Her methods are effective as she will spend time understanding the weakness of my child and thereafter cater the program in relation to his weakness.”

Elaine Loh, mum of Jayden Tan, P1

“My daughter seems more confident with her Science topics now compared to like 6 months ago. Hopefully she can answer the questions with confidence for her PSLE exams. Ann is a patient tutor. She has a structured programme for her students. It seems to be working for the current/previous students under her.”

Yasotha, mum of Meera Pathmanathan, P6

“Ann is a patient no-nonsense tutor who provides structured lessons to suit your child. It is important to build kids’ foundations in Math and we found that she has helped our kids do that. They are now able to understand concepts better and are able to handle questions independently. We have no regrets approaching Ann to tutor our kids and we have seen significant improvements since journeying with her.”

Emilie Yeo, mum of Ashleigh (Sec 1) and Andrew (P4)

“We only had 1.5 months to prepare for the S-AEIS, but through hard work and dedication, they finished what they needed to cover. Ann made sure my daughter was equipped and ready. I was amazed with how fast my daughter could solve the problems. I did not know she was that smart! Ann made us realise her potential. She allowed my daughter to realise that she is capable of so much more. I have seen my daughter grow in confidence and skill.”

Emilie Wong, mum of Alexi

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Fruition through One-on-One Home Tuition With Ann Tutor

Get back on track with an experienced home tutor who helps get grades UP, UP and UP!

If grades are dropping, the motivation to study is slowly diminishing and keeping up with school work is starting to overwhelm your child, don’t give up just yet, mama. The problem could lie deeper than what you may see on the surface, mama. Before you call it a day, Ann Tutor explains that providing excellent and targeted learning to address a student’s specific learning challenges helps put them back on the road to success in no time.

With more than 15 years of tutoring experience, Ann is familiar with the academic landscape here in Singapore, particularly the MOE’s syllabi in English, Mathematics and Science for children ages 6-14. She can help children deal with academic problems effectively, explaining concepts until they fully grasp them and feel confident to progress on to the next one. By working at the child’s pace, she aims to reduce unnecessary stress on the child while also focusing on what is important — tackling core difficulties.

Home tuition is all about giving students one-on-one learning sessions with undivided attention to the child. As the tutor identifies a student’s strengths and weaknesses in certain parts of the syllabus, they can focus on the topics in which they need the most help.

Personalised one-on-one tutoring is ideal for matching each child’s learning abilities to their strengths. Some children may feel shy or ashamed to seek help in front of their peers in class, but with home tuition, this dedicated time to focus on problem-solving skills, exam preparation and learning strategies in a positive and encouraging environment can  help them open up and learn comfortably.

As an enthusiastic tutor, Ann feels that once the students tackle the core problems in their subjects, they are able to enjoy the learning process more and are more likely to experience classroom success. If you’re pulling your hair out trying to help your kids buckle down and study, give her a call to see if she’s a good fit!

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