What is SPERS-Sec?

It is the School Placement Exercise for Returning Singaporeans. The centralised, competency-based test provides admission to Secondary schools in Singapore, with students placed into schools with other children of similar abilities.

Who is SPERS-Sec For?

It aims at facilitating school admissions for Singapore Citizens or children of Permanent Residents that have lived and studied overseas and want to return to the local mainstream Singapore school system (including places reserved under the Leave of Absence scheme or otherwise). These returning Singaporeans are seeking admission into Secondary 1-3 for the following academic year.

How is SPERS-Sec


Applications for the test open in July with the assessments around September or October each year. Since all admissions are merit based, your child is required to sit English and Mathematics exams as part of SPERS-Sec. Depending on your child’s performance, they will be given a choice of secondary schools they can select from to attend.

How does my home tuition help with SPERS-Sec?

  • I aim to eliminate the stress of SPERS-Sec exams for both child and parent through my customised home tuition.
  • With a full understanding of your child’s educational level and appreciation of where they need to be, I will implement the required one-on-one tuition required to prepare your child for the tests.
  • I can assess how many lessons your child will need before sitting the exams. I will fully prepare them though regular testing and revision sessions that provide a clear indication of progress made.

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