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Ann Tutor can help your child to do well and stay ahead in school, even if they have ADHD and ADD.

Here’s What You Expect From Us:

Qualified, Knowledgable and Experienced Tutor

Ann is one of but a few specialized tutors in Singapore with both the passion and practical skills essential for effective learning difficulties tutoring.

Individual, Tailored, and Flexible Learning

Whether it’s online or in-person, we customized our learning program based on each student’s individual needs and skill levels.

Dear Parents, Don’t Give Up On Your Child Yet!

Imagine what would your child's future be if he/she could...

Achieve better results at school and at work

Have a more positive attitude towards his/her studies

Pay attention and focus better

Have better memory and recall faster

Work faster and keep track of time

Have greater confidence in things they do in life

Looking For The Right Tutor For Your Child With Special Needs?

As the condition of different special needs students vary, we know how challenging it can be to find the right tutor for your children. At Ann Tutor, we believe every student should get the opportunity to achieve their best. And special needs students shouldn’t be any different.

With an attentive, patient, and caring tutor, we can help any student from Pri1 to Sec2 to catch up, and stay ahead of their curriculum.

If your child is suffering from ADHD or ADD and:

  • Have trouble following instructions, especially when they’re presented in a list
  • Makes careless mistakes in schoolwork, overlooks details
  • ​Is easily distracted or sidetracked
  • Doesn’t seem to be listening when spoken to directly
  • Has trouble organizing tasks and possessions
  • ​Often fails to finish work in school or chores in the classroom
  • Often avoids or resists tasks that require sustained mental effort, including doing homework
  • Communicating with others

… then we’re here for you!

How Ann Tutor Works

Assessment Tests

Before we begin teaching, an assessment test is performed to understand each student’s current understanding/foundation with respect to the current curriculum.

1-To-1 Personalized Home Tuition

Depending on the school, we break down the curriculum into bite-sized sessions to match the learning pace of your child.

Regular Reporting

Every four lessons, we’ll be performing a review session for parents to keep track of their child’s progress.

What We Do In Our 1-On-1 Personalized Home Tuition For Each Subject?


  • Break each instruction down into smaller parts
  • Use different methods to derive the answer such as the Model Method
  • Use visuals to help them understand the problem


  • Make sure they understand the rules before applying them
  • Break each instruction down into smaller parts
  • Provide students with the right strategy to answer them
  • ​Prepare them further by constantly giving them sufficient practics
  • ​Make sure to review their work all the time


  • Spur their interests in the topics by watching more videos
  • Show them the model answer
  • Teach keywords
  • Expose them to different types of exam questions to prepare them further

Hear What Our Students & Parents Have To Say!

🤩 From Band 3 to Band 1 For His Maths!

“Thank you for teaching me. My Mathematics has improved from Band 3 to Band 1. You are the best home tutor I have ever had…”

– Dawn Poh, Pr3

Raffles Primary School

🤩 He Got An A For His PSLE

“Miss Ann is an excellent tutor. Her lessons are very interactive. I really look forward to her home tuition class. My math used to be very poor but since she started teaching me, there was a great improvement and I got an A for my PSLE.”

– Marcus Liu, Sec 1

Catholic High School

🤩 From Band 2 To Band 1 In Both Maths And Science

“My daughter used to attend a “reputable” tuition center but her grades were not improving. She was barely scraping and got a Band 2 for both Maths and Science. Teacher Ann worked with my daughter‘s weaknesses and helped her focus and get the Band 1 grades that we knew my daughter was capable of.”

– Diona Teh

Mother of Michaela, Pri4

🤩 Her Son Scored 91 In His Exams While Her Daughter Scored A2 In Hers Too!

“Ann is a patient, no-nonsense tutor providing structured lessons to suit your child. We have no regrets about approaching Ann to tutor our kids and we have seen significant improvements since journeying with her.

Andrew improved significantly. He went from a score of 70 in P3 to a score of 91 in P4 exams. Ashleigh too improved to an A2 for English and Math in her Sec 1 examinations.”

– Emilie Yeo

Mother of Andrew and Ashleigh, Pri4 and Sec1

About Ann

With more than 25 years of tutoring experience, Ann worked as a tuition teacher with Mendaki Tuition Scheme and the Mavis Tutorial Centre.

Along with her prior experience as an English lecturer at an International Business School, she is well versed in the academic landscape of Singapore and the MOE’s syllabi in Maths, English and Science for ages 6-14 years. Ann is recognised as one of the leading private tutors in Singapore.

She can help children deal with academic problems effectively, explaining concepts until they fully grasp them and feel confident to progress on to the next one. By working at the child’s pace, she aims to reduce unnecessary stress on the child while also focusing on what is important — tackling core difficulties.

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