Why special needs tuition is important

Some children require additional educational support due to particular special needs that make it harder for them to study in a regular classroom. I am patient and proficient in teaching all levels. By identifying the strengths, weaknesses and learning styles or patterns of a student, I can implement the most effective solution to help them succeed.

How is tuition conducted for those with learning difficulties?

Students are taught using a number of diverse and captivating teaching methods, including computer games and software, and visual aids along with traditional writing techniques. These different modes of learning help to keep the child’s attention, enabling them to learn and retain information easily. Every four lessons, there is a review session to assess the effectiveness of the tuition.

How will private tuition help your child with special needs?

  • Customised teaching will support your child’s specific learning ability
  • By providing bespoke programs, I can ensure each child processes information effectively
  • My methodology helps improve their attention span
  • Creating an effective framework boosts a child’s confidence in learning
  • Helping a student to master their challenges and learn effectively helps them progress successfully with their education

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