Is your child unmotivated, lacking confidence and struggling at school? Then don’t panic! Learning is about teaching and for the successful understanding of concepts, children need to be taught in a style and pace they can relate to. As a private tutor providing premium home tuition in Singapore for over 25 years, Ann recognises the importance of engaging students in personalised tuition programs that promote success.

“I know every child is unique with varying levels of curiosity, interest, ability, motivation, potential and development. I create structured programs adapted to each student’s specific learning challenges to put them back on the road to success. By eliminating unnecessary stress and tackling the core difficulties, I help build their educational foundation. My focus is to enable children to flourish and exude confidence. If a child feels awkward and shy with peers at school, it will hold them back. Once they realise their capabilities, they will open up and enjoy learning again!
“My methodology concentrates on problem solving, exam preparation and successful learning through varied teaching techniques and multimedia platforms. These strategies, along with a positive environment, encourage and motivate my students whatever their level of aptitude. Also, through regular monitoring, parents and children can easily see the rapid developments being made. This motivation not only keeps my students curious and wanting to learn more but also breeds success!”

Ann worked as a tuition teacher with Mendaki Tuition Scheme and the Mavis Tutorial Centre. Along with her prior experience as an English lecturer at an International Business School, she is well versed in the academic landscape of Singapore and the MOE’s syllabi in Maths, English and Science for ages 6-14 years. Ann is recognised as one of the leading private tutors in Singapore.

What Our Students Say

“Thank you for teaching me. My mathematics has improved from band 3 to band 1. You are the best home tutor I have ever had…”

Dawn Poh Pr3Raffles Primary School

“Miss Ann is an excellent tutor. Her lessons are very interactive. I really look forward to her home tuition class. My math used to be very poor but since she started teaching me, there was a great improvement and I got an A for my PSLE.”

Marcus Liu Sec1Catholic High School

“My home tuition tutor Miss Ann has helped me improve a lot in both my English and Mathematics. She is able to explain the concept clearly and the homework she gives is also personalised according to my area of weakness.”

Grace Wong Sec1CHIJ St Nicholas

“My home tutor Miss Ann is an awesome tutor. She is patient and dedicated. She helps me in my Maths and Science. She never rushes through her lesson, always making sure that I understand what is taught. Thank you Miss Ann for helping me score Band 1 for my Maths and Science.”

Tan Yi Ling Pr5St. Margaret's Primary School

What Our Parents Say

“ My daughter seems more confident with her Science topics now compared to like 6 months ago. Hopefully she can answer the questions with confidence for her PSLE exams. Ann is a patient tutor. She has a structured programme for her students. It seems to be working for the current/previous students under her. ”

Yasotha, Mum of Meera Pathmanathan, P6

“ Tutor stood out as the program was tailored to my child’s needs and learning pace, Ann adapted the teaching and learning accordingly by understanding what my child’s learning style was after an observation session. I like that she does not do things by the book and follow a standard template to churn out rote learners. She encourages my child to arrive at the answers and to think on her own.

My Child only started maths tuition upon entering P1. Prior to that her grasp of maths was rudimentary and practically non-existent. However, within 6 months, my child had an exponential growth in learning math concepts ie counting, addition, graphs, etc. It was important that my child did not get inundated by the concepts and turned away by it. I liked that Ann made the learning fun and not a chore.

Ann mixes that teaching from interactive online math application to games to classroom style – which is always vital to retaining the attention of a 7 years old over a 1.5 hour period. She is strict and firm when she needs to be and is patient and understanding mainly.

My child has attained a strong fundamental understanding of math concepts given the very short time that she had been under Ann’s tutelage and is above average in class for maths (Which is always a bonus but not the most important thing for me, the enjoyment is in the discovery and application of maths)

I wold recommend Ann and have recommended Ann to my family and friends in a heartbeat. ”

Emilie, Mum of Alexia

Why did the tutor stand out among others when you were choosing a tutor for your child ?

A year ago, we were looking for a tutor for our 2 kids Andrew (10 yrs) and Ashleigh (13 yrs)

Andrew had Math while Ashleigh had both Math and English. It had been difficult to look for one through online search but were recommended to look for Ann. She was through a recommendation of a friend whose daughter was taught by and had achieved good improvement in her grades. 

How long were the class with Ann ? How many times a week ?

We engaged Ann twice a week between 1.5hrs to 2hrs per session.

Please tell us about the ways your child improved after working with Ann?

The kids understood the concepts better and were able to handle the questions independently.

How do you feel about the tuition structure and how it benefits your child?

Before tutoring our kids, she would test to see how well they knew the subject. I believe this is a gauge for her to see how much the kid knows and what they needed to improve on. 

There would be a mini test after each topic to gauge how well the child is doing and whether they need more work. We as parents are kept abreast of how our kid was doing through the mini test results. Ann also uses multimedia education website to engage her students. I think this has help engage the students especially my younger child who quite like this and does not find it boring!

How well did your child do after tutoring with Ann?

Andrew improved significantly. He went from a score of 70 in P3 to a score of 91 in P4 exams. 

Ashleigh too improved to an A2 for English and Math in her Sec 1 examinations. 

Would you recommend Ann tutor to your family and friends? Why ?

Yes! Ann is a patient, no nonsense tutor providing structured lessons to suit your child. It is important to build the fundation in Math and we find that she has helped our kids do that such that conceptually they understand and are able to handle the questions given to them. We have no regrets approaching Ann to tutor our kids and we have seen significant improvements since journeying with her. 

Emilie Yeo, Parent to Ashleigh and Andrew.

“ My Daughter first took the aeis test last September 2015 and unfortunately, she failed. It was a devastating moment but a turning point for me and my husband thus we decided to look for a tutor in SG. I still remember the day I started looking for a tutor in SG. I did not know where and how to look but I started my search with prayer. After several attempts google, I came across Ann’s website. Instantly, I felt a sense of hope. As i read through testimonies of her previous student, my hope turned to excitement. I started to call the number and prayed someone will pick up. I was very happy to hear her voice but our conversation was cut short because she had class so we ended the call by her telling me she will call back that night.

Throughout the day, I started calling tutorial centers but none of them sounded as nice as Ann. I did not get the same “feeling” As i talked with Ann that night, I knew she was an answered prayer. We had the first appointment set and that was the start of our journey.

We are so bless to have Ann teach our daughter. She taught her the right method and techniques and made sure our daughter understood the reason behind the method. We only had 1.5 months to prepare for the saeis to be held on Feb 2016. I was so worried if they can finish but through hard work and dedication, they finished what they needed to cover. Ann made sure my daughter was equipped and ready. I was amazed how fast my daughter can solve the problems, I did not know that she was that “smart”Ann made us realise her potential. She allowed my daughter to realize that she is capable of so much more and to us, that is one of the greatest lessons she has learned from Ann and she will carry that throughout her life. ”

Karen, Mum of Kelsey, Pri 2

“ Teacher Ann is a very committed and responsible tutor who devises and customises her own program to help my child understand the concepts. Her methods are effective as she will spend time understanding the weakness of my child and thereafter cater the program in relation to his weakness”

Elaine Loh, Mum of Jayden Tan, P1

5) Why did the tutor stand out among others when you were choosing a tutor for your daughter?

I was looking for a math tutor for my 2 children and chanced upon an article in a parenting websites. Ann was one of the 5 highly recommended tutors. Through our phone conversation, I found her direct and no-nonsense manner appealing in a tutor. She also shared about a method customised to the individual child and I was interested to see if this would work for my children. Previous tutors tend to just hand out/correct homework. On the 1st session, Ann administered a test to assess each child’s math standard, and at the end was able to identify and feedback on their learning styles and how she will go about teaching them.

7) How long were the classes with Ann? 8) How many times a week? Sec 1 son – twice a week, 1.5 hours per session
Pri 4 daughter – once a week, 1.5 hours per session

9) Please tell us the ways in which your daughter improved after working with Ann.

Both children felt more confident about their maths understanding though maths is not their best or favourite subject, and they have always found math challenging. She uses online tools where possible to break the monotony of learning, and this appeals to my P4 child, especially when its in the form of math games.

10) How do you feel about the tuition structure and how it benefits your daughter?

Ann has a firm approach and reinforces understanding with the child. My children inform me that Ann corrects their error during lessons and gets them to re-do the corrections for the same questions as homework after the tuition session. This helps them to repeat the process and checks whether they truly understood where they went wrong in the 1st place. There’s also a test every 4 lessons to check on their learning and progress. This regular test can highlight the child’s weak areas or misunderstanding and Ann can re-teach or explain in a different way if needed.

11) How well did your daughter do after tutoring with Ann?

Both kids started tuition with Ann at the start of term 2 and at the end of that term, their grades improved. My Sec 1 son – CA1 was 63.5%, in SA1 was 73%. My Pri 4 daughter – CA1 was 60%, in SA1 was 74%.

12) Would you recommend Ann tutor to your family and friends and why?

Yes certainly, in fact have shared my children’s grades improvement with some friends looking for tutors. Generally they are impressed that in few short months, the children can perform better, and are keen to see if this can be sustained, they are also hesitant as they consider that Ann’s tuition fee is too high.

Lily, Parent to Sherlyn and Markus

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